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Monday, May 19, 2003


A correction: As much as I dislike taking my good friend Steve Wu to task in public, I must write to correct his false assertion that I drew the logo for his and Jesse Zalatan's team in the 2001 Quincy Foosball League tournament. It was, in fact, Mr. Wu who drew the sketch of "Gojira, King of Monsters" on a small piece of paper the previous summer, while we were interning in D.C. and living in a house on Van Ness Street.

However, I fully admit responsibility for saving the sketch and insisting that it be scanned in as the team's logo. I also admit some responsibility for their team name the previous year, the Young Hegelians, which was based in part on a suggestion once made by my high school history teacher.

Although some might find it trivial, I feel it necessary to clear my name in this matter, lest a blatant falsehood be handed down to posterity.




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