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Friday, July 25, 2003


Dublin Cows Attacked--Film at 11! A series of cow sculptures, deployed around the city of Dublin, have been mercilessly destroyed:

"In Dublin, they were damaged so quickly and so extensively," Mr Gerard Beshoff, the project director of CowParade Ireland, said. "The one on Liffey Street was beheaded. Someone needed a saw to do that; it was fibreglass.

"Both wings were torn off the one in Westmoreland Street. One was stolen, but later recovered. They all had graffiti on them within hours."

"It's so depressing, but not surprising," Ms Amy Wallace, account executive of CowParade Ireland, said. "The awful thing is, we were kind of expecting it in Dublin."

Given the packs of 14-year-olds we saw ripping up bus schedules the last time I visited the city (sort of like this, actually), I'm saddened, but I can't say I'm surprised.




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