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Monday, October 27, 2003


One, Two, Three, Throw: A friend points me to one of the most prestigious sports competitions in the world: The 2003 World Rock Paper Scissors Championship. It's a vicious game--described by NPR as "a tense drama pitting fist against splayed fingers against outstretched hand"--but it has been celebrated a wide variety of propaganda posters as showcasing the benefits of modern technology.

Just remember: Think Rock.

The World Rock Paper Scissors Society claims this poster, "Think Rock", was part of a 1955 campaign to woo the public back toward the Rock. The society says the poster was an attempt to reposition Rock as the "thinking man's throw."
Provided by: The World Rock Paper Scissors Society

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh asks, "what's with this paper beats rock thing, anyway?"




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