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Saturday, February 21, 2004


More Pickups: John Kerry's 1970 Harvard Crimson interview (see below) is picking up steam. After its appearance on the Drudge Report, it's now been referenced in two columns by Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post, and the Bush campaign may use it in ads. According to Kurtz's latest,

President Bush's reelection campaign has decided to focus its coming advertising barrage not only on John F. Kerry's record as a senator but also on his days as an antiwar activist, a House candidate and Massachusetts's lieutenant governor.


A 1970 Harvard Crimson interview in which Kerry said that U.S. troops should be deployed "only at the directive of the United Nations" will be fair game, the officials said. If they run ads about that period, they will probably focus on Kerry's high-profile opposition to the Vietnam War and comments about U.S. atrocities that could neutralize his record as a decorated veteran.

I doubt that the interview will have much traction in the general election; keeping Vietnam on the front burner will only give more attention to Kerry's record as a decorated war veteran. But regardless, big kudos to The Crimson for digging this up!




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