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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Back in Town: Just returned to St. Louis, with two long years in the United Kingdom now behind me. It was a very unusual feeling, on the ride to Heathrow, when I realized that I was no longer coming back for a visit -- I was coming home. I won't try to sum up my Oxford experience in a single post, but I can say that although I wasn't looking forward to leaving, I'm definitely glad to be back.

It does seem like a lot's changed in the past two years, though, and some of the changes weren't entirely expected. (Like the triumph of Atkins: when I got lunch today at a local sandwich shop, I noticed that they were selling "low-carb bread.") The next few weeks will be pretty busy, but I'll try to keep posting now and then, before I head up to New Haven and change location yet again...




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