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Thursday, November 04, 2004


Letter to the Editor: Just published in Harvard Magazine:

To the Editor:

I am astounded that [Professor Lisa L.] Martin can write an article on unilateralism and fail to mention Kosovo ["Self-Binding," September-October, p. 33]. Unlike the United States-led invasion of Iraq, which could plausibly claim to enforce past UN resolutions, the NATO campaign against Serbia lacked even the shadow of UN authorization. I, for one, thought the Kosovo campaign was just and necessary, and that it illustrated the occasional need to step beyond multilateral bonds in protecting peace and security. Yet Martin's failure to mention it, even as she accuses the current administration of merely "go[ing] through the motions" of seeking UN support, makes me wonder whether her "multilateralism" is simply another word for the approval of France and Germany.

Stephen E. Sachs '02
New Haven, Conn.




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