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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Spiderman to the Rescue: Ever wonder what insightful political analysis the bloggers are keeping to themselves? Here's this morning's instant-message discussion with Josh Chafetz:


S: Spiderman will save the Dems!

J: "the first competitive contest for party leader since 1988," ???

S: has the DNC been contested much?

J: oh, by "party leader", he means DNC chair?

S: yeah -- that's the election coming up

J: that's kinda absurd

S: true

J: someone should tell that guy that spiderman's a republican

J: I mean, why else would he keep wrapping himself in the flag

S: and wear a RED suit

J: with a spider on it! everyone knows all the voracious insects are republicans!

S: and basilisks vote democrat

J: exactly

S: only democrats speak parseltongue

J: actually, only wes clark speaks parseltongue

S: yesssssss...

S: wait -- but aren't fundamentalist snake handlers republicans?

J: exactly -- they *handle* the snakes

J: beat them

J: abuse them

J: don't identify with them

J: blue snakes

J: red snake handlers

S: what about the swing snakes?

J: the dangerous, but -- for obvious reasons -- endangered purple grass snake




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